Professional Experience

My track record speaks for itself; I have secured over 20 grants to fund projects that have brought new technologies to life. My proficiency in Python and Django, coupled with my understanding of cloud computing, Internet of Things, and Geographic Information Systems, has allowed me to cater to diverse customer needs. The systems developed are robust and dependable, serving as the backbone of the daily operations of more than 12 cities.

I have significantly grown Ubiwhere’s impact on the smart city market. I have spearheaded initiatives that promote the development of connected city infrastructure, leading to the growth of strategic partnerships that have amplified our ideas and solutions, reaching a wider audience.</p>

Working with groups like AIOTI, BDVA, ETSI, and FIWARE, I have pushed for technology that improves our quality of life, since I believe in tech that serves a purpose and enhances urban living.

More details are available on my LinkedIn, feel free to connect!


Head of Technical Communication (2023 - present)

  • Drove industry engagement, positioning Ubiwhere as a leader through 20+ keynotes and panels, enhancing brand visibility and winning awards.
  • Orchestrated workshops and seminars, fostering strategic partnerships that increased prospect customers.
  • Integrated product thinking into core operations, boosting delivery efficiency and increasing proposal win rates.

Product Manager (2015 - 2023)

  • Directed the development and launch of the Urban Platform, deployed in 12+ cities, winning three international awards.
  • Secured 20+ grants, contributing to significant community impact through smart city initiatives.
  • Implemented agile methodologies and fostered product thinking mindset, enhancing team productivity.

Software Developer (2015)

  • Built smart city products using web technologies like Django, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, and Celery.
  • Integrated route planners for logistics and multimodal transport using open-source technology (OSRM and OpenTripPlanner).
  • Set up infrastructure for data sharing in Porto using FIWARE and adapted products to comply with FIWARE open standards and data models using Python.

Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN)

Software Developer (2011 - 2015)

  • Created a product (mobile app for Android) for 2+ transit agencies with Augmented Reality and a custom route planner;
  • Developed a SaaS product (web platform) for transport data with 12+ REST APIs, open data, multimodal route planning services and multimodal data ingestion;
  • Mentored 10+ third-party startups and SMEs to use FIWARE to accelerate product development in SOUL-FI;
  • Customised a web platform using FIWARE and CKAN for Lisbon and built mechanisms for data collection, transformation and sharing;

Volunteer Work (active)

Apps for Good Expert

  • Guided young developers beyond the traditional app development cycle with expertise in business models, ideation, pitching, technical and data feasibility.
  • Cultivated potential and ignited creative sparks with product thinking, transforming innovation into solutions with lasting societal impact.

World Data League Mentor

  • Guided teams solving problems with real-world scenarios in a global competition, with expertise in data analysis, data visualization, and storytelling.
  • Mentored young data scientists to navigate complex datasets and create agile products, leading two teams to reach the finals and one team to secure a win.


University of Coimbra

  • Master in Informatics Engineering


  • Portuguese: Native / C2
  • French: Proficient / B1
  • English: Fully Proficient / C2
  • Spanish: Proficient / B1